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Luna Elite is a luxe personal branding and portrait photography studio, founded by photographers Jenni Summer & Gabriela Gjurekovec.

We work with high performers such as: industry experts, influencers, thought leaders, business professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, doctors, and creators.

Our forte is capturing authentic images that demonstrate who you really are. Your online image should show your professional confidence while maintaining your kindness, joy, compassion, understanding, knowledge, and radiance.

Don’t feel like you’re an expert just yet? No worries! We also offer photography for those who are just launching their careers. The Luna Elite team will train you, empower you, and photograph you at your best.

Did you know – if you book a professional portrait session with us, you can write it off as a tax expense? It’s time to drop the excuses. Show the world who you really are.

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